Solidifying/Antifoaming Agent


Solidifying / Antifoaming Agent combines features of solidifying and antifoaming agents in one double chamber sachet.

Solidifying part of the product eliminates the need to transport biohazardous fluids in liquid form and minimizes possibility of spreading these fluids on the surfaces.

It solidifies and encapsulates up to 40 - 200 times its own weight blood, blood components and fluids with wide ranges of pH and electrolyte concentrations. It is essential to minimize the risk of direct contact with liquid, potentially septic substances by health care workers. It solidifies fluids, protecting foam formation on the surface even when solidifying ability is exceeded.

The two-chamber sachets combined of: 25g solidifying agent and 0,5g antifoaming agent.

This product is available in Sachets 25g/0,5g, Psc per box: 250.

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