Arida absorbing pads


This product is designed to absorb all kind of fluids like water, saline, amniotic fluid, urine and blood.

Arida™ absorbs fluids and binds them in a form of gel. The absorbent is enclosed in a strong protective sheath of a fiber cloth.

Non sterile pads are usually used on the floor. This solution creates dryer and safer environment and reduces cleaning time and cost. It significantly minimizes danger of wet and slippery floor.

These pads are available also with/out adhesive tape.

Arida is available in three sizes:

  • S - 56x37cm
  • M - 72x37cm
  • L - 120x60cm

Please note: On this website, we only sell non-sterile pads, that CAN'T be used during medical procedures of any kind! 

Please contact us to get information about buying sterile pads for medical purposes, we will refer you to our distributor.

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